About Me

My name is Horhat Kund Lehel, I'm a painter and designer with Transylvanian roots (from Romania) who was born in Bacău, but is living and working in Cluj-Napoca. I have been creating for approximately 25 years, my works could be viewed at several domestic and foreign individual and group exhibitions.

Shattered Illusions - Statement

I invite you for a walk; perhaps it will be simpler this way. Throughout our lives, trillions of images collide on our retinas, and our brains create the spectacle that we accept as reality. Let's assume that these images, much like a puzzle, consist of hundreds or even thousands of pieces. Each image is saturated with content to which we attach sensations and emotions. Imagine storing this countless puzzle in a massive warehouse, each piece in its own box, in its designated place. There is order; we know exactly where to find each one.

Then an earthquake hits, the warehouse collapses, the puzzles fall off the shelves, and chaos ensues. A massive storm arrives, mixing everything with everything else. There is grime everywhere, a fire may break out, or a flood. Chaos, fragments of dusty recollections, pieces of burning, forgotten memories shimmer on the shattered floor of our warehouse.

Panic sets in because everything may be lost. We start organizing, attempting to sort the mixed-up puzzles and put them back in their places. But then we notice that certain puzzle pieces fit together, even though they come from different boxes. It's strange, but driven by curiosity, the primary goal is no longer order but the challenge of completion. Finding out whether a cow's udder can be used as a scarf, creating new memories from existing ones, and then marveling that no one else remembers them but us... Making paranoia a part of everyday life for no reason—of course, without becoming disturbing—I don't know for whom. Changing the context, solitary wandering in the newly invented past. Self-discovery courses behind closed doors, organically intertwining alternative fictions, dramatized moments on the toilet, and so on...

Dear observer, you can see precisely this in my works. Cheers to your health!

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